• Way to spend time: Studying! (lol) watching a movie; reading; listening to music; playing the guitar
  • Things to read: Harry Potter series; the work of Keigo Higashino (《the devotion of suspect X》;《white night》); different seasons
  • Things to eat: sushi; fruits
  • Things about Jersey: the first place I visited in the USA; “Garden State,” is a really beautiful place especially in the autumn; a state with strong academic atmosphere; there are people from all over the world who live and study in New Jersey making it a multicultural state
  • Academic Interests: math & physics
  • Weekend Activities:Climbing the mountain or walking the trail with friends; watching a movie on my computer; reading; preparing for tests and studying

How has your time at Elite Preparatory Academy changed or shaped you as a person?

This is the third year I have been studied at the Elite Preparatory Academy. I joined the summer camp of Elite Prep in 2014 and loved everything around here. After the 3-week summer camp, I decided to stay here and study here. After going back to China and getting the visa to America, I started to have a new life.
First of all, i think EPA gives me the chance to think deeply on the school work. I studied in China for 14 years and all I did was listen to what the teachers taught and did the work the teachers asked me to do. Before coming to the US, I thought I could be free studying here, no pressure or hard work to do. However, after studying in EPA, I found out I was totally wrong. We do have work to do and we do have pressure here. American books are really thick and heavy and we have to read them. It was really hard the first several months when I studied here. As time passed, I became used to the way of learning here. I found that I also like to ask questions to the teachers as well and like to discuss them with teachers. At EPA, we have small-sized classes and I can ask every question I want to ask. My favorite subject is math and I love my math class at the EPA.
Secondly, EPA gave me love and made me feel like I am part of a big family. It would not have been the same if I had studied or stayed in other school because I will definitely feel lonely and may not overcome homesickness. As I am the only child in my home, when I came abroad and studied, I really missed my parents. As we have a lot of students from China and we are about the same age, we live together and go to school together, so we do not feel lonely anymore. My schoolmates are more like my brothers and sisters. Teachers are really nice and they are like my parents. I still remember clearly that once I did something wrong and my math teacher told me “ Claire, I don’t want to punish you because I treat you like my daughter; a father will never punish his kids.” I really learned a lot from the teachers not only academically but also how to be a better person. I think each students build a good relationship with the teachers and we are just like a big family and living happily together.
Finally,EPA changed my personality. I become independent during the years in EPA. I was not confident before and I was really scared when I came to a new place. After spending 3 years in EPA, I finally became independent and have my own idea. I do not follow others blindly without my own ideas. I know what I want to do and know the person I want to be and I believe I can be that kind of person. I don’t know which specific factor that effects me, but maybe it is because different activities in the school. Sometimes we students just joke around that EPA students can almost do everything you want. We can cook different food as we had cooking class before and we did so many cooking projects; we can make videos as we have a media club; we decorate the rooms for wedding or Christmas party or Halloween party; we ran 5k every winter and we ran the half-marathon in 2015; some of us even helped our math teacher to move to his new house and I helped him fix the bed… I really had so much fun during these years and I really tried a lot of things I have never done before. These brand new experiences built me up as an independent person.
Three years at Elite Preparatory Academy has changed me a lot and helped me to become a better person. I believe I will never forget these great memories in my whole life.

What do you hope to be doing in ten years?

I really like to be the person that helps others because I will feel glad if others can be better. Actually I don’t have one specific career in my mind but I don’t have one that I don’t like either. I would like to try a lot find the one interests me the most. I do have a dream that I can work in the United Nations one day because I want to meet different people. I expect to have more new experiences in my life and face challenges. I will be a university student in two years and i want to go to Georgetown University. Hopefully I can get the offer successfully… Now I am going to learn the third language which is German and I hope I can master 4 languages in ten years.