• Way to Spend my Free Time: Reading, Listening to Music, Drawing, Surfing online for news, Trying new things and new ways of doing things…
  • Things to Read: I have read:《Pride and Prejudice》,《The Great Gatsby》,《Their Eyes Were Watching God》,《The Outsiders》, 《Sherlock Holmes》,《Cien años de soledad》,《Wuthering Heights》,《The Old Man and Sea》,etc. (Some for School and some for my personal favorite). I still don’t have the idea of which is my most favorite so I am definitely going to keep on reading more in my free time.
  • Things to Eat: Although I am a huge fan of traditional Chinese food, I am always interested in trying different cultures and flavors like America’s burgers and fries (my next step is Mexican).

Things about Jersey

Unlike Beijing, the State of New Jersey has an infinite number of trees, plants, and the freely-lived animals that are not afraid of humans arriving at all. Most importantly, there is always fresh air within breath’s reach without any industrial or human contaminations.

Academic Interests

Math, Physics, Music, Arts, English, History…

Weekend Activities

Hiking, Hanging out with friends, Reading, Organizing my items…

How has your time at Elite Preparatory Academy changed or shaped you as a person?

Before coming to the U.S., I was a very shy girl who saw public speaking as a huge challenge. I would get nervous every time I was before an audience or under the spotlight. After much practice and having to do many presentations at the Elite Prep Academy, I feel I have finally conquered public speaking. I have become much more self-confident since then and became a better me.

What do you hope to be doing in ten years?

In ten years, I would have finished college and hope to be working in something that interests me. I can’t wait to get a job and begin an independent life of my own. I hope to save up some money fto visiting some of my favorite places in the world.